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Younglight EDUCATE: Rule of 3: Grade: 4 THINK ABOUT

Student Book

Rule of 3: INVENT: grade k

My Power Words

Rule of 3: INVENT: grade k

Common Core State Standards / Conversation-based Interactive learning

THINK ABOUT Student Book teaches the Common Core State Standards and the NEW ELD standards through conversation-based learning.

THINK ABOUT Interactive Power Points teach 2500 interdisciplinary rade-level words.


THINK ABOUT Power Word Book has students use the RULE of 3 or RAP to REHEARSE, ANALYZE and PRODUCE grade-level interdisciplinary words.

THINK ABOUT Student Book teaches Common Core evidence-based reading and writing. Interdisciplinary reading selections include history, geography and science.

THINK ABOUT Student Book has both informational and narrative reading selections which are written in comprehensible chunks. Comprehension questions require multiple responses and written evidence to support students’ answer choices.

THINK ABOUT Teacher Implementation Manual includes writing prompts that teach narrative, informative and opinion writing. Students self-score or partner-score their writing on a rubric designed to assess narrative, informative or opinion-based writing.

THINK ABOUT Reading and Writing Benchmark Assessments are written to the format of the Smarter Balance Common Core tests. Test items include multiple responses and evidence-based answers.

The THINK ABOUT fourth-grade package includes:

THINK ABOUT Student Book

THINK ABOUT Power Word Book

THINK ABOUT Interdisciplinary Words on Interactive Conversation-Based Power Point Disc

THINK ABOUT Teacher’s Manual Teacher’s Manual and DISC with Common Core Reading and Writing Benchmark Assessments

Sample Pages Download: Learn More

The RULE of 3
THINK ABOUT Fourth-Grade Program

Common Core State Standards

New ELD Standards

Conversation-based Interactive learning

*Sold in 10, 20 and 30 Packs

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