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Younglight EDUCATE: Rule of 3 - RAP

Systematic vocabulary teaching has been cited by many research studies as a Best Practice for accelerating academic achievement across subject areas.


Write 10 Words

• Thumbs up if you have heard the word.

• Keep your thumbs up if you can explain the word.

• Build background information.

• Discuss multiple meanings of the word.

• Show a visual or draw a visual.

• Have students demonstrate the meanings of the word.

• Say the word. Have students spell and say the word, snapping, clapping or stomping.

Teacher repeats definition/s of the word.

• Say Teach: Students turn to a partner and teach the word’s definitions or apply the word to their experiences.

• Partner A teaches the word's definition to Partner B.

• Partner B teaches the word’s definition to Partner A.

• Students engage in conversations about the meaning of the word.


• Quick write. Students write the> words in their Power WordsBooks. (Click-Write-Done)

• Teach ELA and Common Core State Standards for vocabulary acquisition use and language conventions.

• Students write the analysis in their Power Words Books. Structural Analysis:

• Analyze syllables, suffixes, prefixes, tenses, vowel patterns. Latin/Greek roots.

• Develop word families. Teach how to change a verb to a noun (analyze, analysis). Categorization Analysis:

• Categorize words by parts of speech or group concepts.

• Write synonyms and antonyms for words.



• Remove any visuals of words.

• Students draw their own visual for each word in their Power Words Books. (Click-Draw-Done)

• Students may also write a synthesized definition of the word.

• Students may produce their own original sentences.

• Students may use the words to create a story or advertisement.


• The teacher points out and discusses the standard at the bottom of the student page.

• Use the technique: I read; You read; Read to a partner.

• The teacher reads the passage. Students click or clap when they hear a Power Word.

• Students have a conversation about what they read with their partner.

• Students highlight or underline the Power Words in the passage.

• Students answer the questions with their partner.

• The teacher reviews the answers to the questions.