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Younglight EDUCATE: Rule of 3: Grade: 1  CREATE

Student Book

Rule of 3: INVENT: grade k

My Power Words

Rule of 3: INVENT: grade k

Common Core State Standards / Conversation-based Interactive learning

CREATE Student Book teaches the Common Core State Standards and the NEW ELD standards through conversation-based learning.

CREATE Animation teaches the grammatical structures and functions of the English language for English Learners and all learners.

CREATE  Interactive Alphabet Animation teaches the lower and upper case letters and vocabulary words with chants.

CREATEInteractive Power Points teach the 2500 grade-level words and Common Core first-grade sight words through integrated listening, speaking, reading and writing activities.

CREATE Power Word Book engages students as they use the RULE of 3 or RAP to REHEARSE, ANALYZE and Produce the grade-level interdisciplinary words.

CREATE ANALYZE Phonics Chart teaches children to ANALYZE sound-spelling patterns.

CREATE Student Book has interdisciplinary reading selections that teach both informational and narrative reading. Students retell stories, read for comprehension and write responses to informational and narrative reading selections.

CREATE Activities include writing activities to teach Common Core Opinion, Informative and Narrative Writing.

ANALYZE Phonics Chart

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The RULE of 3 CREATE First-Grade Package includes:

CREATE Student Book

CREATE Power Word Book

CREATE Interdisciplinary Words and Common Core First-Grade Sight Words on Interactive Conversation-Based Power Point Disc

CREATE Animation and Power Points for Teaching Vocabulary, Grammar and the Functions of Language

CREATE Teacher’s Manual with Common Core Reading and Writing Benchmark Assessments

CREATE ANALYZE Phonics Chart Teaches Sound-Spelling Patterns

The RULE of 3

CREATE First Grade Program

Common Core State Standards

New ELD Standards

Conversation-based Interactive learning

Speaking. Reading and Writing activities

*Sold in 10, 20 and 30 Packs

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