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Younglight EDUCATE Books for Children

The Aglag and the Sunnyside Friends Book Series teaches children the skills they will need to succeed and thrive in the 21st century. These skills include imagination, goal setting, positive thinking, perseverance, sharing and caring.

The Sunnyside Friends’ team reflects the diverse and integrated cultures of today’s world. The series protagonist, the incredible astral child Aglag, propels the Sunnyside Friends into a universe of new and exciting possibilities.

In this series of six titles with recurring characters, each book stands alone or can be read in combination with the other stories. Each character represents a different geographic region and culture of the world. He or she models in the storyline one of the 21st century skills. Some of the sayings are A Friend Helps to the End or Listen Here, Beware of Fear.

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Earth Tale 1

Rocky Mountain
Listen Here. Beware of Fear.

First in the imaginative Sunnyside Friends’ adventures is the book entitled The Rocky Mountain Monster. In this suspenseful Earth Tale the Sunnyside Friends and astral child Aglag are encouraged to conquer their imagined fears as they proceed on their journey to meet the Rocky Mountain Monster.

Light Up the Mind In the 21st century change is the only constant. Children will continually be faced with something new. This book emphasizes that children should conquer their fears of the unknown.

Earth Tale 2

Baseball Magic
Have a Scheme to Build your Dream.

This magical baseball tale, the second book in the Sunnyside Friends’ series, features Fortunata who has a dream to be on the little league baseball team. Fortunata is initially rejected by the baseball coach because she can’t hit the ball. Fortunata with the help of her friends develops a plan to overcome her athletic challenges. Then suddenly the magic happens, when Aglag presses the starred blue button on his chest.

Light Up the Mind21st century goal setting and teamwork are important for success. This book is about setting goals and working with a team to achieve a dream.

Earth Tale 3

Ling Ling’s Surprise
Perseverance You Need to Succeed.

The third imaginative Sunnyside Friends’ adventure features Ling Ling who is faced with a challenge that seems unsolvable. Ling Ling with the help and ingenuity of her friends perseveres despite discouragement to create an amazing birthday surprise for astral child Aglag.

Light Up the Mind In the 21st century multiple creative strategies are needed to overcome challenges that seem unsolvable. This book teaches children the power of patient perseverance for achieving goals.

Earth Tale 4

Sterling's Lost Pigeon
Never Mope. Have Hope.

Finding a cherished lost pet is the focus of the fourth imaginative and entertaining Sunnyside Friends’ adventure which features Sterling. In this adventure Sterling struggles not only to find his pet but to overcome his moping. As Sterling searches for his lost pet with his friends, he experiences the transforming power of hope and the magical powers of astral child Aglag.

Light Up the Mind Possibly thinking empowered with the transforming power of hope lights up the 21st century mind. This book inspires children to have a positive outlook.

Earth Tale 5

Maria’s Invention
A Friend Helps to the End.

This fifth fun-filled, imaginative Sunnyside Friends’ adventure features Maria and her inventing day. Maria’s uses her ingenuity and the help of her friends to create a fantastic invention. The phenomenon fantastically comes alive through the magical powers of astral child Aglag.

Light Up the Mind In the 21st century all the possibilities of the future are linked to the magical power of imagination. This book emphasizes that it is the special talents of all team members that lead to unlimited future possibilities.

Earth Tale 6

Aglag’s Discovery
It is Better by Far to be Who You Are.

This sixth Sunnyside Friends’ imaginative Earth Tale features astral child Aglag who undergoes a complete transformation. Aglag decides to activate his magical dwarf Planet Pluto powers to change himself into someone else. He ultimately discovers through one daunting experience after another that it is truly better by far to be who you are.

Light Up the Mind The 21st century is about believing in oneself. It teaches children that everyone is unique exactly as they are.