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Younglight EDUCATE: About CCSS / For Parents

Why Should I Read to My Child?

Studies show that children who are read to by their parents have educational and social advantages over their peers.

Reading develops your child’s vocabulary.

Did you know that a child’s vocabulary development has the highest correlation with school success?

Reading helps children learn literacy skills including the understanding that words are made up of smaller sounds. (phonemic awareness)

Reading helps students develop their thinking skills especially if the books include stories that tell how children conquer challenges and overcome fears.

Reading helps your child learn the basic words necessary for beginning reading.

Tips for Reading to Your Child

Have a scheduled reading time each day.

Give your child your undivided attention.

Have your child retell the story by looking at the pictures.

Ask questions that develop 21st century thinking: What do you think will happen next?

Why did ___do that?

What would happen if--?

Can you think of a different ending?

What are the reasons the -------

What are some other ways that------

Tell me the story