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Project Moving Forward

National Professional Development Grant

National University Awarded Grant of
$1,967,265 by U.S. Department of Education’s
Office of English Language Acquisition

Keep your head pointed toward the sun and your feet moving forward
─ Nelson Mandala

Project Moving Forward is a National Professional Development Grant awarded to National University under the directorship of Linda Ventriglia-Navarrette by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of English Language Acquisition. The grant is in the amount of $1,967,265 to be distributed over the next five years.
The purpose of the grant, titled “Project Moving Forward,” is to provide professional development for teachers so that they can improve their instruction of English Learners and other students in Title I schools. The grant will provide professional development on a ongoing basis targeting vocabulary development using the RULE of 3, Stoplight reading comprehension, differentiated instruction, 21st century thinking skills and STEM related activities written to the Common Core State Standards.

Dr. Linda Ventriglia-Navarette of National University’s Department of Teacher Education will serve as the Project Director. Dr. Ventriglia- Navarette and National University will work with seven California school districts to provide professional development opportunities for their teachers and administrators.

The goal of the project is to improve the effectiveness of teachers and administrators who provide leadership at program improvement schools with 40 percent or more of English learners through the attainment of a Certificate in Best Practices with a specialization in Accelerated Academic English Learning. The project also will seek to improve the effectiveness of content area instruction for all teachers serving English learners, including those teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)..

First Year Results

Project Moving Forward (PMF), was designed to close the achievement gap through systematic vocabulary development using the innovative RULE of 3 or RAP. The premise of PMF was that the achievement gap can be attributed to a word gap which means knowledge gap because words give students aces to the core curriculum.

RULE of 3 systematic vocabulary instruction written to the CCCS ELA standards for 30 minutes a day resulted in the Academic Performance Index (API) catapulting for two Title I Moreno Valley Unified School District schools. African American students jumped a sizable 51 points on the STAR. Students’ 2013 scores increased from 36% proficient to 50.2% proficient. Students with disabilities gained 56 points. The achievement gap was reduced for Title I students from 12. 2 percentage points to 1.9 points.

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