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Professional Development Module for:
Best Practices
Interdisciplinary Vocabulary Development
The RULE of 3

Author: L.D. Ventriglia, Ph.D.

General Perspective

Welcome to Best Practices for Interdisciplinary Vocabulary Development Using the Powerful RULE of 3

Vocabulary has the highest correlation to school success across subject areas! Words, words and more words are important to learning across subject areas!

Research Base: The RULE of 3, a systematic approach to vocabulary development, is based on 12 years of research in urban and rural schools. This Best Practice for teaching vocabulary dramatically accelerates the academic achievement of English learners and other diverse learners across subject areas and on high stakes testing.

Professional Development Goals

Provide teachers with the Best Practices strategies for implementing Interdisciplinary Vocabulary Development using the RULE of 3.

Provide teachers with a systematic approach to introducing the Vocabulary words and determine multiple meaning words.

Provide teachers with the strategies to develop critical thinking questions.

Provide teachers with a system of analyzing the vocabulary words.

Provide teachers with ways to engage students in peer conversations and practice the functions of language.

Provide teachers with the RULE of 3 RAP process.

Provide teachers with individualized observations and coaching to support the professional development.

Professional Development Module

The module provides a comprehensive package that includes professional development and individualized teacher observations and coaching. The Professional Development Module includes a six-hour teacher workshop. This workshop will train teachers in the following areas:


Developing critical thinking questions

Use of Power Points specially designed to introduce words, use pictures to define the word and multiple meaning words

ANALYZING strategies

The Professional Development Module includes a two-hour administrator workshop. This workshop will inform administrators about the following:

How to implement the Best Practice Interdisciplinary Vocabulary Development

Teacher Observation and Coaching Procedures

Timeline for implementing the vocabulary units (pacing)

Schedule of site visits.

The individualized teacher observation includes three 20 minute classroom observation of the teachers implementing the RULE of 3.

The individualized teacher coaching session includes three 20 minute sessions after the completion of each observation.

For downloadable Professional Development Module #1 packet,
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